The Veiled Lords are a high council that rules all affairs in Fallingwater and Oloris. Their councillors are chosen by the Veiled Lords themselves, for excellent service, and more. They meet at the Spire of Feymar late at night, with masks so no one can see each other. They call each-other Lord.

Current Veiled Lords:

Xanathar the Beholder, Theorem Appropriate of the Mages of Fallingwater

Count Maluf, The Master of Crime

Tasha, Chief Librarian

Holme Longfoot, Druid Extraordinaire

Samous, AKA Sinuous, Playactor Lord

Yara, High Priest of Lathander

Becoming a Veiled Lord

One must be chosen to become a Veiled Lord, which has not happened for millennia. However, there is an old Olmen city, ancient and nearby. It holds a Veil.

If the Heroes attempt to warn the Veiled Lords, the bureaucracy is much too intense. Even if they do get through, Veiled Lords only see other Veiled Lords. Breaking in to the Spire of Feymar is an option, but unwise, as Xanathar is a full Beholder, and is often there during the day.

If they take the Veil from Tamoachan, there is a massive ceremony in the Temple of Lathander to lord them. Only one can be added.

The Invasion of Fallingwater