The Hovels is the poorest neighborhood in Fallingwater. All the buildings are in disrepair and a glazed window is considered an unimaginable luxury. In many places, great holes yawn in the walls of the buildings, and many walls are missing altogether. Night-smogs are especially thick here, and the stench of rotting vegetation is constant. Centuries ago, this district was attractive and prosperous, with large and well kept buildings. Now, there are tenements. Gangs of ruffians make the law, and only a fool would walk through the district without an armed guard.


Delve Way


Bloody Blades

The Razors

Dangerous Building

The Black Kettle

Home of Hastirelo the Sick

Roll a d20 when in this district. With a roll of 1-10, 8 Berserkers will attack you.

Decide whether they are The Razors or Bloody Blades.