Next to a seedy looking tavern on Magpie Lane is a door marked with chipped paint, "The Enchanting Antique Shoppe, D. Obskur, Prop." Down a flight of narrow, winding stairs is a the shop. It is little more than a musty closet with a high ceiling and wooden counter with an open door revealing a room with more shelves beyond. The flickering torchlight reveals all manner of odds and ends on the shelves: lanterns, statuettes, glass vials, glass bottles, spyglasses, unusual brass instruments, fine leather purses, richly embroidered silk pouches, and books of many shapes and sizes.

Iririen Larentansel is a 283 years old female wood elf sorcerer.

She has cropped, braided, auburn hair and gray eyes.

She has rough, sunburned green skin.

She stands 154cm tall and has a muscular build.

She has an edgy, very magnificent face.

She is missing two fingers from her right hand.


She discretely worships Angharradh, Goddess of spring, fertility, planting, birth, defense, wisdom. (Chaotic Good)

She is always very excited.

She rarely speaks.

She never knows the current time and date.

She mostly wears yellow clothes.

She sporadically lies.

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