All visitors MUST report to receive papers. If not found, they will be marched here.

All you need to do is register your identification papers. The office is dominated by a single photo booth, and 3 Pentadrones sit behind the counter, commanding 4 Duodrones who take a picture using an old camera. The charge is 75 gold.

The identification papers first require signing a Certificate of Submission. It requires entering the draft in time of war, and officially pronounces you a loyal servant of the Veiled Lords, who will follow their commands unquestionably. It also, if the Heroes choose to read the fine print, they notice that it is also a suicide pact written in there, due tomorrow. If the Modrons are asked, they confirm that it is a joke, and pull out a paper, laughing.

They are actually multiple illusionist wizards wearing disguises. The actual paper is short, succinct, and basically a driver's license.