There is always a celebration of some type going on in this district, especially along Festival Street, which extends into the Park District. This street is divided by a median strip decorated with trees, flowering shrubs, and statuary. On festival nights, the street is brightly lit by lamps and lanterns. On major holidays, the street is choked with people, while vendors crowd its sides, hawking their wares. Street performers in multicolored Radamann garb sing, dance, and act in the hope of receiving coins from passersby. Of course, no festival would be complete without the usual assortment of pickpockets and cutpurses. The district provides a small but steady income for the Thieves' Guild and its members.


Carter Street

Order of Apothecaries

The Black Rose

Yun's Bakery

Carnival Costumes

The City Market

The Grand Playhouse

Nattick Nimblefingers