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  • edit Treasure-House of Angaarn
    edited by Brivendor diff
  • edit The Maul
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • new page Treasure-House of Angaarn
    created by Brivendor
    New page: Contents[show] The Treasure House of Angaarn - Background Edit Millenia ago, the sorcerer Angaarn built a domed stone house to hold his treasure and...
  • new page The Nobles
    created by Brivendor
    New page: The Nobles are the fluffy, frilly faction of festooning nobles who live in the Noble District. They were ousted from power centuries ago, when the...
  • new page Factions
    created by Brivendor
    New page: Veiled Lords The Veiled Lords are the ruling council of Fallingwater, and are devoted to, first and foremost, the stability of Fallingwater. They do...
  • new page 50 Plot Hooks
    created by Brivendor
    New page: A farmer passing by tells of a nearby villages that have been struck with plague. If pressed, he passes a rumor of a travelling carnival that visited...
  • edit The Blight
    edited by Brivendor diff
  • new page The Blight
    created by Brivendor
    New page: The Blight - Background The Blight is an ancient forest, part of the old primeval virgin woods that formerly surrounded all of Oloris and...
  • edit Paper Office
    edited by Brivendor diff
  • new page Paper Office
    created by Brivendor
    New page: All visitors MUST report to receive papers. If not found, they will be marched here. All you need to do is register your identification papers. The...

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