: Set in a wide thoroughfare, this street is lined with fruit trees, flowering trees, and gardens in and amongst parklands and shady bowers. There are museums, galleries, open air art spaces, an open air stage, and numerous buskers plying their trade on a daily basis. The architecture is mostly a clean, stone build, reminiscent of non subterranean Dwarven towns.

People and artists of all races congregate, relax, perform and entertain here.

  1. Groups of rowdy elven youths, intoxicated, and loudly exclaiming their mockery, amazement, insights and jokes.
  2. Mixed race groups of all ages, being led by one of the paid Guides who show tour groups around all the cultural sights.
  3. Many races of buskers, performing every manner of artistic expression, from poetry to interactive dance.
  4. Wealthy patrons stroll with bodyguards and take great pains not to mingle with the crowds.


  1. A street magician is performing his act and delighting the crowds. You notice, however, that there is something quite odd about his face, as if an illusion was flickering.
  2. Food vendors have set up carts up and down the boulevard and many are offering free samples.
  3. Musicians stroll the streets, playing requests for small coin and all but one (playing a crumhorn) are quite good.


There is a large statue of a Redcap near the Temple of Eldath, carved 300 years ago by Dahruk Isske, dwarven artist and Masterbard, and its titled, "Muse". Tradition holds that any musician who pays homage to the Redcap in front of the statue, and gifts a copper piece into the poorbox, will have a great performance. This unfortunately has drawn ruffians and other scoundrels after dark.

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