Caltrop Court is a neighborhood where most houses and homes are wooden, with one exception in the stone library with carvings of Oghma. There are a few shops here.

Streets: Green Street

The Orc and Bottle

Mage's Guild

The official arcane university of the city.

The Clean Chin

A barber shop.

Lion's Shield Smith

A small smith, ran by a docile Xvart. He is weak, and needs a strong human apprentice to hold his hammer.

Tailor Jack's

A pricey, but high quality, Tailor.

The Maul

A dive inn.

The Temple of Tymora

A wooden temple, for Tymora. The priest here knows sound dampening spells, and knows that the yard behind Tailor Jack's is not what it seems.

12 Green Street

This is Xanathar's second home, and a Veteran named Pike guards it for him. Inside, there is a massive stockpile of ermine furs. This is Xanathar's vault.

Fallingwater Library

The library in town.